a guy who married to his video game girlfriend.is he insane??

i read about it on metro newspaper.
and i was "astaghfirulla'alazim...pe bende plak nie"
the title : lelaki jepun kahwin karakter jepun
gile ape?
dah xde perempuan lagi ke dekat dunia ni sampai ko nak kahwin dengan karakter tu plak.

what happen to the world now.
why some adults still acting childish when they can think it is bad or wrong.
stupid lor.
why he cannot think further enough?
how they can live a normal life??
how they can have a baby?
what would his parents thought
if they knew his son married to *video game character girlfriend*??
mmg mamat nie mentally ill la.

as a second thought.
they want to promote this game!
called love plus.
it just like you can date with a girl using DS(mcm game boy kot) by touching on a screen pad.
you have the rights to turn on/off,
change to the new character and sort of it.
eleh,i think
it is more on business.

p/s : stupid punye org Jepun, tak payahla bwat bende pelik2.

I'll be with you,Til you find the reason for love.~

it's the title of the song
i'll be your love - Nicole Scherzinger.
macam xpercaya kan?
coz lagu2 yang selalu dia nyanyikn berunsur R&B
this song is really deep
when i listen,the 1st things that came out of my mind is..

I'll be your love
I'll never make you feel, feel alone
If yesterday blindfolds your eyes
I'll bring you tomorrow

There's a time
You feel like you're lost
Feel the night will never end
Through the daybreak
It's hard to hold on
But there is tomorrow
Brings you to your senses
As the sun will make it's way

You'll make it there
To the place where reality and dreams
And love will be together
I'll keep the light from fading
If the clouds blind your way
And the wind sways your faith

I'll be your love, I'll be your light
I'll never make you feel, feel alone
If yesterday blindfolds your eyes
I'll bring you tomorrow
Let me see you smile

Don't you cry
Over the past
Some days might be gray
And dreary
Not easy to leave
To leave it behind
'Til the rain stops in silence
I'll be there to hold your heart

I'll be with you
'Til you find the reason for love
We take it for granted
We'll keep the time from fading
''cause the world is here to stay
Your hope is deeper than pain

kalau nak cuba dengar,buka je page ni,
mesti ade,hehe

must-see movie!

Ninja Assassin : release on 26th November 09

Rain is really a superstar
he is an actor, a dancer and also a singer.
i have been a fan of rain since 2006 when i first watched the full-house drama and got a chance to placed myself in his concert on 21 Januari 2007.
no doubt, he is a star.

ily Rain.
from your biggest fan.

thug story?

laziness.yes it is.
the 'rajin' part is bace blog org! :D
thug story is the title of the song that i found out from my brother,ayip.
ntah dari mane die dapat tau semue bende nie.
the song is sing by t-pain and t-swizzle.
i wonder who is t-swizzle?
the first time i heard the song, i know it was a girl`s voice.
sounds familiar, but still couldn`t recognize the voice.
a new rapper artist?
and then, when i looked at the title of the song
i was like?whoah?taylor swift ka? hahaha,cool.
although it is kind of weird, but not bad for a country singer.
she proved herself, she can rap as well.
i like the lyric,i think it's funny
like this one :

i’m so gangsta you can find me baking cookies at night
you out clubbing, but I just
caramel delight

haha,comel. :)
she officially performed the song with t-pain at cmt awards.
she seems to have a sense of humour and doesn't take herself to seriously
eventhough,still there are some people think she is just a sweet little country girl.

click here to hear the song

well done t-swizzle a.k.a Taylor Swift


kenape wujud perkataan bosan?
apa erti disebalik bosan?
nak balik...duduk di kolej Baiduri yg serba indah(indah la sgt) nie membuatkn diriku terase duduk di gua.
yes! lagi 3 paper!
cepatla abes.
dah bosan asyik mengadap buku je pagi,petang,mlm dan tengah malam.
boleh jadi gile macam ni.

dahla hari sabtu,
nak meng 'enjoy-kan' diri
tp sume mem BZ - kan diri. :(
ape la nasib diri.

(sedih gle ayat,hahaha.)

fira! study2!

His birthday =)

the first thing i want to say is....i'm lucky to have him.

the date he share with her father.
he's going to turn 19 on that special day.(yeay! dah tue) haha :p

Ikmal Arif b. Azami.
1st time i met him,i didn't know he was my senior,and on that day jugak,
i never think he would be my special ones.
we have so much in common.
yep,in many things..i don't know how to describe it (better keep it to myself)
ok,cant tell u guys further la..hehe :p

sweet 19 ke? hahaha :p
je t'aime! (love u damn much!)

p/s : skrg nie die tgh sibuk shopping ngn ibu die, ntah ape la die mintak tuh. LV bag kot? (jgn mare ek by) :p

4 a.m

4 a.m?xreti nak tdo ker?(kate2 yg slalu diungkapkn oleh ibu ku,hehe) miss my home.jeles org tu dpt balek..lame plak tuh.xleh jadik! :p
yesterday,i just came back from pulau,stay with my sis lyana for two days.it's not enuff u know :(
it's too soon to go back here and stay at this ' jail hostel'.

jap2,nape la tibe2 rajin nak blog eh? pelik2,haha.biorla..unpredictable la diri ini.

on friday,after public speaking class. i call my sis to pick up early sket coz my by mintak tlg anta kt airport since ptg tu die ade taklimat dkt kampus.and then,had dinner at MCD with by and sis.
after that,we went to sis's apartment.

1st time entered apartmen COSTAVILLA sis lyana,besh gle! ade swimming pool! tu 1st bende yg dcari,
perngai mcm bdak2,padehal dh 20 thn,hahaha :D

1st trip - went to HARDROCK HOTEL AT BATU FERINGGI.classic-look building from the outside.
sempat snap pics with FERRARI & LAMBORGHINI cars!the pics`s not with me now,dkt sis.forgot to bluetut.
2nd trip -went to TAMAN NEGARA, KEBUN BUNGA.i love nature beauty.
3rd trip - went to QUEENSBAY MALL.i prefer sunway pyramid gak,hehe.
4rd trip - NIGHT MARKET.

1st trip - tried to find PULAU JEREJAK.and then we finally arrived at the jetty only,xnaek boat coz mahal!
2nd trip-GURNEY PLAZA.buy one orange blouse!
3rd - had dinner at famous soup restaurant somewhere in Georgetown kot.

now,im going to sleep! sure im going to wake up late this morning -_-'

study mode.

my 1st post for this month ! :D
since almost one month i didnt even open and diligently myself to read and update my blog.huhu(terokkan? *actually,im not really into blog,but i love reading other ppl blogs*) :p
waa..having finals for 2nd sem*sigh*i dont know how my result will look like this sem.
my carry marks? there's some subjects are okay and some doesnt.(ok tu okay,tp xpuas hati lar)
one more dean list? argh,hate thinking of it.i really2 want it,but i dont have the enthusiasm like i have in 1st sem.
xpela,do my VERY2 BEST !!
kalo xdptpn xpe,asalkn usaha..so,xdela regret after i get the result rite?

- Allah will help a person who have an effort to achieve goals -


R.I.P my dear bugsy

I lost a special friend today the kind you can't replace,
and looking at his empty cage....
I still can see his face.

I remember how he'd running ups n down the cage,
to greet me back from work with dat loud squeaking he made,
And how he jump around the cage just to catch my attention,
When he heard me call his name.... "bugsy, im home!"

With your ample round bellies, and your tiny short legs
you can still run at great speeds,
embarking on little adventures,

with your dark eyes looking like beads..
believing food is approaching,
you answer by wheek, wheek, wheeking.
tummies never satisfied or full,

just hearing the fridge door open
My ears at times need cotton wool huhuuu...

i remember the first time i lay my eyes on u,
u with ur cute lil outfit wrapping up ur cute furry body
didnt have enuff money to bring u home and i thought of coming back for u at d end o the mnth.

i did come back, seeing u all alone in that big cage with no frens to play with,
i take u home, hoping that we could be best friend..
and we did =)

Guess we was not meant to be long together,

Waking up in the morning seeing you lying there stiff!
i couldnt bear the tears coming down my eyes,
you leave me without any sign,
im glad we had our FUN last nite...
made me company while doing my work,

u squeaking hard like never before,
thought u might want to sleep on my lap.

taking u into my arms, u seems comfy and stop saying anything.
i can feel his warmth, cuddling thru my shirt..
wheeking~ wheeking~ wheek~ wheeking~~

oh im gonna miss those sounds early in the morning, i stay strong knowing u are safely care up in the Heaven..
may the angels look over my Lil' Angel there and that,
i LOVE him very much..

i am soo much cherish our whole month together.

never had known dat i could lost another love like this..

its raining outside.. the sky is crying too~~

Rest In Peace my Lil' Angel.. love u much!

written by Mslyana.

my younger brother,ayip.
saved this from her Facebook to let me know.
how much is Bugsy really meant to her.

i'am touched by her words.
speechless,really speechless.
and yes,i couldn't stop my tears runnning down through my face.

eventhough i dont get a chance to hold him,play with him...seeing his cute little face in front of my own eyes..
and now,i'am staring at his cage..empty cage...
i still couldn't stop crying..
i really don't know why...

if i could turn back time,
i really want to hold u..hear u make that cute lil sound that i only got to heard from videos made by my sister.
pls..don't go..bugsy


no class??*sigh*

i woke up late this morning,7.30 a.m!!!
and you know what?
i'm having a class at perda (outside class from campus) at 8 a.m with chef dayat!
the first thing in my mind,i'm not going to make it since the last bus is at 7.45 a.m.
i imagine how he's going to slammed that door everytime the clock is near at 8 a.m.
i totally freak out. so, i grab my towel, toiletries and anything i can bring with me to the toilet.

suddenly, Reena got a sms fom Alia.

"weh,kelas cancel ar..food science dan marketing"


little BUGSY! =D

Monday, i have first class with chef dayat at perda at 8 a.m. he's okay but i'm not. cause i'm not feeling very well today....i dont feel energetic enough to concentrate on what is he's going to teach us. perhaps, lack of sleep and my instinct that im going to get fever are the reasons i dont have the enthusiasm to learn. however, i try to fight back my feeling without thinking of my condition. i just take the supplement and i hope tomorrow everything is going to be okay. =)

I remembered, my former teacher had told me once that our bodies are controlled by our brains. if we said we will going to be sick, automatically our bodies will adapt to be sick soon. mostly fever. dont believe me? try la..but, at your own risk =p

Oh. bugsy..forgot already. hehehe.

This morning, i got mms from my sister, (fikir gak,apela yang die anta mlm2 bute neh) n then i saw this fluffy creatures(blur lg,baru bangun tido katekan) awwww...COMEI gile menatang neh! cute sgt! actually she gave that mms last night, but i couldn't download it.
while waiting for the ctu class at 2 p.m . i forced my sister to call me.(gune postpaid plak,hehe) wanted to know more about that cute creatures.bugsy! =p

fira : ayong,bile beli menatang comei neh??cute gler..rase nak picit2 je,naseb baek jauh,huhu

ana : ala...baru je beli semlm,membe belikan dkat sunway semlm.

fira : how much?

ana : 60 engget jek.

fira : mahalnye! geramla yong kt menatang yg bername bugsy tuh,hehe

ana : ala, balek nanti ko pegangla die sampai lebam.

fira : hahaha,ok2 =p

In our own words, 'lebam' means puas.hehehe.

I don't really know what kind of breed this guinea pig belongs to. my sister had told me before, but i didn't know how to spell it.

if u have seen Dr.doolittle and Bedtime stories movies, they look alike. i think.

Cute right?? from the moment i dont have mood to learn ctu..looking back at his pictures in my handphone,it makes me smile for a while and change my mood a bit. =)

Thankz BUGSY!n him also. =p


GIANT cream puff =p

i made some..for my family.

they insisted me to apply what i've learned during in penang.

ok,mom! i'll do it!

40 minutes.....30 minutes.....20 minutes...10 minutes....5 minutes...3,2,1 *tiiiiitt*
voila! giant cream puff is ready to be eat! =p

besa itu comei,hehe

how it becomes so big? ok, i will tell u guys.

after i've just finished working with the dough (we called it choux paste) and the filling (pastry cream).

i asked my mom.bu,"where do u put that pastry bag? "she told me,"i had throw it away".*aiya*

"i thought bu keep it in the box,i saw it before".

"mmgla,but dh kotor sgt,buang jela".

mm..never mind.there will be other alternatives.

so...i decided to use the plastic bag as a replacement.

at the beginning,it's flow smoothly.. and then the plastic pastry bag started to tear apart.

aiishhh...and then,my mom suggested me to use the semperit maker instead of using that stupid plastic pastry bag.*heh* (time tgh bengang)

it`s works!!

but the size of the cream puff is bigger than i ever expected.

never mind, asalkn bole makan..besar pau pn ade.


for the filling,we replaced the custard powder with durian paste.(panda mesti xmkn,ade durian.huhu)

want to try the recipe? i`ll update it later ok.promise.

5 more days! aiyak!


until 2nd august??

that`s too long..

my mind is wondering for a while..arghh

lol.i didn`t mind if they wanted to give us 5 more days to break but dont drag the sem break to the front,i need those holidays!!

but not now! sabar2..

at jj,in the evening after they announced there would be holidays!

-fara rara,nana n me-


+lamenye dh xupdate bende neh.

+yeah,i`m back to penang!continue my unpredictable journey for this 2nd sem!

+but at this moment i`m not in penang,i juz got back home yesterday by train,such a long journey n exhausted! (i prefer bus).

+fyi,i dont know why i have to go back home.maybe it`s too early for the couple of weeks in campus..yela,baru je nak find my mood n semangat nak stadi.

+nape cuti??? ape lg if is not because of H1N1.which is the number of ppl keep increasing from day to day starting on monday.

+sampai my room is become the quarantine place for those ppl that suspected from swine flu.

+i heard there are 10 ppl positively H1N1,but im not really sure whether the news is true or they just wanted to make the story looks interesting.

Air Terjun Lepoh,yuhuuu!

+Ahad,one day after my kazen`s wedding.my sis lyana ajak pg air terjun kt Hulu Langat.her cekgu (taught her when she was a komander Kembara at UITM,Shah Alam.) yg ajak actually.
+cekgu tu sebenarnye nak berdating ngn my sis,huhu..tp my sis saje ajak kitorg,=p sori ayong!terlepas taip lak,hahaha.
+pggl je cekgu,macam dah tue kan?baru 28 tahun.tue sketla,huhu..but still available tu.
dah2,xnak cite lebih2..abes nanti kalo sis lyana bace.

n there`s da pictures of us at Lepoh waterfall! =)

waterfall! here we come!

waaa! tinggi lg ke??!!
smile2! =p

Cekgu said : "waa,korg neh.xsampai lg air terjun korg dh terjun dulu dlm sungai ke?"
hehe,mase nie..mmg kitrog je berpeluh gle2 mcm mandipn ade.=p

yea!!sampai gak akhirnye!dan si lisa yg suke bwat muke tenok!haha,naseb baek ko xde blog =p

makan time!muke xrela kene tgkp gamba,yela.org tgk mkn pn mau tgkp gamba
ske pic nie,effect air tu sgt sharp.mase nie xtaw tgh bwat ape.xpasan lgsung die tgkp gamba.


nie ler cekgu nye,hehe.

ape2n,mmg besh air terjun kt cnie.
da water temperature maybe - degree celsius mcm dok dlm peti ais je.
overall,we`re really enjoy it!

wedding season!

+on 13th june(saturday),my kazen on my father`s side got married.
+aiihh.....dpakse untuk jd sukarelawan,mak itam(mak ngah actually)
+semggu sblm majlis die dh booking kitorg awl2 untuk keje2 nie.dahsyat,tp xkesahla..drpd dok umah,got nuttin to do n menambahkn lg lapisan2 lemak di badan nie,hahaha =p
+our jobs,(me n si lisa tu) distribute da lollipop to da kids yg dtg kt majlis kawen tu,sounds easy rite?cume kene tahan panas jela,name pon Malaysia.

wit my lil sis,Lisa.

lebarnye senyum!yela,keje dh abes!haha,surela suke.

7 /6 ?

  • yep,that`s da day i was born 20 years ago..at Pusat Rawatan Islam,Jalan ipoh.
  • Nur Zafira Bt Abdullah...written on my birth certificate,and da name which had been given from my parents to me.
  • they said,my name has its own meaning...but till now,i dont know what it is.hehe
  • i share da same month wit my mom(17/6) juz 10 days frm my besday n also..RAIN(25/6).(tawx sape rain,ala...iklan SHAMPOO CLEAR,next post la ek,i`ll tell u guys about him)
  • pe lg ek..
  • actually,if u pronounce the 7 6 in malay rapidly,it`s sounds like "terjunam" hehe =p
  • today,thank god..my siblings are dont seem to have their master plan for my besday to "buli' me.(takot gak coz xpsl2 kene tepung n telur lg thn lps ngan dorg,haha..fuh,selamat2)

i took this from my kazen`s blog at her mespes,it has some characters that i have in me ,but not all actually..

+ Amat pandai menjaga hati pasangan sekiranya dia perempuan (mayb yes)

+ Sukar melukai & memahami hati pasangan (maybe yes)

+ Mudah jatuh cinta tapi terlalu memilih (mayb yes)

+ Cerewet dalam perhubungan (mayb yes or no)

+ Selalu beremosi(mayb yes)

+ Mudah merajuk & mudah dipujuk (mayb yes)

+ Selalu melindungi pasangan dari kritikan / umpatan orang (mayb yes)

+ Elok untuk menjadi ibu yang baik (mayb yes)

+ Dahagakan pujian daripada pasangan (mayb yes)

hehe,suke gak bace bende neh.

sabtu dan cupcake!

  • Ari sabtu,cm besela..arie bdak2 skola nanti2kn,lagi2 dorg cuti 2 mggu plak
  • fiera yg 2 bulan neh pn dah mkn bosan dan juge makin berisi,hahaha.xpe,chubby itu comei =p
  • then arinie parents ajak pg umah org kawen belah ayah,kate ikmal pegi kondangan(promote b.jawe neh) huhu
  • kitorang actually cam malas nak pegi,tp memandangkn lapa punye pasal..ikot gak coz ibu kate kalo dah pegi umah org kawen,bu xmasak.BETTER IKOT!
  • then fiera tanye ayah,sape kawen?sedare yg mane?
  • ayah fiera berkate : ala,anak buah ko punye anak kawen.
  • haa??anak buah?yg mak die?bkn anak die?hahahaha..(cm xcaye tp benar) =p
  • sebenarnye,sedare belah ayah fiera nie teramatla ramai sampai td baru 1st time jumpe kot,huhu.
  • bukan pe,dsebabkn mase raye fiera dh biase balik melaka(belah ibu)
  • tu yg jd xberape rapat

  • umah die kat cheras,
  • warne tema ungu!
  • cm bese org kawen,bg telur..tp yg nie siap bg sweets and cupcake!arghh!baru je nak elak drpd nampak si cupcake neh,dugaan2.
  • bajet utk pelamin?nak taw bape?RM5000! hoho,br pelamin..dasat btol..tp mmg lawa sgt pelamin tuh,ade chandelier,dikelilingi dgn bunge2 idup yg berwarne warni..ala2 garden.
  • sgt elegant,tp yg sygnye..ruang tpt pelamin tuh kecik,so xmenyerlah sgt.
  • kalo pelamin dh mhl...cake sure kene simple jek!
  • agak kreatif coz gantikn cupcake sbg kek.
  • engatkn xleh amek,ble tuan rumah tu kate bole,pe lg..dgn xmalunye fiera n adek rembat cupcake tu byk2,haha penuh satu tgn.=p tamak2 hahaha.
  • slalu je kot =p

kalerfulkn?tp warne ungu tu lbh menyerlahla,mase neh byk dh org amek.

  • nak taw rasenye?
  • rase cm butter cake je,icing je yg bwat cupcake tu nampak lawo.
  • rase gule je lebih.huhu fiera bwat lg sedap kot,sirius!hahaha
  • ibu fiera sendiri ckp eh,=p
  • dahle tu,puji diri sndri je keje.

  • dah balik tu plak,sbg shopping dengan sis dkat pas(plaza alam sentral)..br dpt gaji katekn.
  • yg beshnye kalo teman sis nie,leh bodek2 die blanje satu T-Shirt ke,hahaha
  • ade udang disebalik mee tuh. =p
  • dpt tgkp td satu t-shirt,tp ternampak sling bag lak.
  • dpt sling bag satu!warne krim.
  • harge?bwh 100,atas 50..hoho.ok kot,ade diskaun skali,yg plg penting..% DISKAUN!~

gamba kt bwh nie lak mmg dh xde keje,crk keje jap memerasankan diri tgkp gambo,hahaha
lambat sgt tunggu sis kuar dwit,ape lagi..*click*click*click*



these 2 months semester break is killing me!
i tend to eat a lot every single day!
can`t resist by the savour of cakes,donuts,and cupcakes!
i eat them without thinkin of my weight,but for the past few weeks..i went out with my sis and put the jeans on me,it gets realli tight!my thigh is getting bigger!
from there i realized that..i'm gettin fat!
for da 2nd sem,i don't want my frens to unregconize me,so..fira..wat`s my 1st step now?
it's too late for regretting it,all i need to do now..




cassie~ nak ade body cam die!!!

Pizza Hut,layanan yg sgt xbgs!

+ sblm tu..........

+ eppi besday ayip!

+ sedapla gak kek nie,classic cheese cake!surela sedap,ade cheese,huhu

+ ibu fira beli kt secret recipe.

-ctenye cmnie-

+ sempena ariejd adek fira arinie,

+ kitorg pgla mkn kt pizza hut yg terletak die seksyen 20 tuh.

+ coz kitorg xde idea nak mkn kt mane,so..mkn jela kt pizza hut(besday boi lah yg bwat keputusn,namepn arijd diekn)..

+ dlm 10 minit cmtu kitorg dh sampai kt pizza hut,dok kt dpn kaunter lg,huhu..(dkt ngan kaunter,bkn dok kt kaunter) =p

+ dh lepas order tu..tunggu punye tunggu...dh nak sampai 20mnt la gak,dh la sume muke2 pirana tgh kelaparan,hahaha(sori,doesn`t mean to condemned my own family,but that's the fact) =p

+ kitorg neh bab2 mkn xleh lbt,kalo lbt..mmg mulela bising,huhu.
tgh memekak - mekak tu,sampai la pizza kitorg..

+ mase die nak serve tu..xyah ckpla,ms tupn dh kene complain ngan akak fiera,huhu.mmg patotpn!dgn braninye,die berkate eh,nape pizza sampai dulu ek,bkn patotnye appetizer ke dpt dulu"

+ mase tgh mkn tu,saje perhatikn pekerja2 die..nak kate xramai..ramai je,tp terhegeh2!bwat keje xsistematik..senang cte,bwat keje sbl lewa.saket ati je tgk.

+ sebnrnye kitorg order 2 large pizza n 2 small pizza(byk gle kn?huhu..xabespn..xtaw nape ibu fira nak order byk2)
padahl sblm pg,dh mkn kek lg,kenyang woo...

+ tp yg dpatnye 3 je,lg satu xsampai2..

+ nak dkt 15 mnt gak tunggu,airpn nak abes dh

+ kitorg soh ibu cancel je pizza tu,dh lbt sgt..org dh kenygpn.

+ ble nak cancel,pekerja kt ctu kate dh nak siap piza tu n ibu fierapn caye,tunggula lg.muke sume dh bengang je.

+ dh lbh 15 mnt tunggu!xpat gak!then kitorg soh ibu cancel tros..xyah lyn dorg tu,ckp je lebih..padahl baru nak masak kot piza tu.

+ ble nk cancel tu dorg bebel la mcm2,dh nak siap la..apela..kitorg dh bising2 kt meja,dhla dok dpn kaunter je,huhu.

+ n then,ibu fiera..punye la baek,amek gak pizza tu.tp tapau bwk blk umahla..mkn kat umah.

+ kitorg plan nak email je kt cust servce pizza hut tu,email tros kt general mnger,hoho(kejam2") =p

+ tp sebagai pelanggan,kite ade hak sebab duit yg kite byr tu utk byr gaji dorg.

layanan yg kitorg terima :
1) ambil mase lbh 20 minit nak 'serve' makann
2) appetizer spt Tempura King Prawns,Tempura Calamari Rings and Large Criss Cut Fries yg digorg sampai nak hangus,bkn cm golden colour dh.
3) salah bg pizza!yg kitorg tapau tu..ibu fira order laen dpt laen,yg mhl lak tu die bg!(ibu fiera br bitaw kitorg mase kt dlm kete,aiya..)
4) service charge RM10.51!!! berbaloi ke byr dorg sebyk tu??

pengajaran disebalik cte neh :
disebabkn fiera baru je blaja pasal retailing(peruncitan) niekn,huhu..
setahu fira,dlm menentukn kejayaan sesebuah restoran tu..yg plg penting pelanggan mementingkn
(1) layanan yg berkualiti terhadap pelanggan (quality of customer service)

dan perkara yg ke-2

(2) pelanggan mementingkn kualiti makanan & kebersihan makanan.

tp,tu la..kdg2 dorg amalkn,mule2 jela...dh lame2..kalo xpantau..mcm2 jdk.
sebabkan perkara2 cmneh,pelanggan berkurgn dan lame2 tutup kedai tros.
jadi,kepd sape2 yg terpk nak bukak restorn tu..ambil berat perkare2 cmnie walaupn nampak remeh.

taylor swift?? adore her!

~i knoe that all of u aledi heard about her,about her songs,achievements..
~she has all packages that all girls dreams about.
~here are some information about her..

taylor swift biography
+ her real name is >Taylor Alison Swift.
+ she was born on 13th december 1989(sebaye!,huhu).
+ an american country-pop singer.
+ songwriter- write her own songs based on experiences.
+ her idols are shania twain, leANN rimes (samela!,hoho).

taylor with colbie callait,in t
he making of her Breath songs with colbie - like both of them!

1- talented.
2- damn so beautiful(like a barbiedoll).
3- so tall.
4- country girl(i love country music).
5- express feelings through her songs.

the positive sides i like about her

+ she be her ownself.
+ down-to-earth person.
+ her songs are really inspired me,i like to fathom the lyrics.

dear taylor,i wish u all the best!
1 - in ur career
2 - in ur life


5 things in my bag
1) my purse
2) my hp,of course!
3) compact powder
4) perfume
5) lip balm

5 things in my purse

1) my picture,hehe
2) IC
3) L licence, P dont hav yet
4) lots of money!!(poyo jek) =p
5) ATM cards

5 favourite things in my bedroom

1) my 'bantal busuk' can't sleep without it,haha
2) handbags
3) hand lotion
4) perfume
5) Mr.Frogie!(dh ke mane ntah mentg tu,bwh katil kot,hahaha)

5 things i'm doing now

1) 0n9
2) blogging
3) messaging with mr.panda(tdo lg kot,=p)
4) updating myspace
5) listening music

5 people i would like to tag

1) P
2) E
3) O
4) P
5) LE(hehe,br bwat..sapela fira nak tag)

hye guys! =)

at last...1st post for my new blog,huhu
actually,i have been doing it since last year..but didn't know what i want to do with it
i'm started to continue my blog because of my PANDA's blog,he have one..so y not i have one too?(tp xdela hot cm blog die,=p)
but the problems is...i'm secretive person..sumtimes je kot?hahaha..it dpnds on da problems
orait,whatever it is..i try to share my interests wit u guys.
i'm in process of learning now..correct me if im wrong.