a guy who married to his video game girlfriend.is he insane??

i read about it on metro newspaper.
and i was "astaghfirulla'alazim...pe bende plak nie"
the title : lelaki jepun kahwin karakter jepun
gile ape?
dah xde perempuan lagi ke dekat dunia ni sampai ko nak kahwin dengan karakter tu plak.

what happen to the world now.
why some adults still acting childish when they can think it is bad or wrong.
stupid lor.
why he cannot think further enough?
how they can live a normal life??
how they can have a baby?
what would his parents thought
if they knew his son married to *video game character girlfriend*??
mmg mamat nie mentally ill la.

as a second thought.
they want to promote this game!
called love plus.
it just like you can date with a girl using DS(mcm game boy kot) by touching on a screen pad.
you have the rights to turn on/off,
change to the new character and sort of it.
eleh,i think
it is more on business.

p/s : stupid punye org Jepun, tak payahla bwat bende pelik2.

I'll be with you,Til you find the reason for love.~

it's the title of the song
i'll be your love - Nicole Scherzinger.
macam xpercaya kan?
coz lagu2 yang selalu dia nyanyikn berunsur R&B
this song is really deep
when i listen,the 1st things that came out of my mind is..

I'll be your love
I'll never make you feel, feel alone
If yesterday blindfolds your eyes
I'll bring you tomorrow

There's a time
You feel like you're lost
Feel the night will never end
Through the daybreak
It's hard to hold on
But there is tomorrow
Brings you to your senses
As the sun will make it's way

You'll make it there
To the place where reality and dreams
And love will be together
I'll keep the light from fading
If the clouds blind your way
And the wind sways your faith

I'll be your love, I'll be your light
I'll never make you feel, feel alone
If yesterday blindfolds your eyes
I'll bring you tomorrow
Let me see you smile

Don't you cry
Over the past
Some days might be gray
And dreary
Not easy to leave
To leave it behind
'Til the rain stops in silence
I'll be there to hold your heart

I'll be with you
'Til you find the reason for love
We take it for granted
We'll keep the time from fading
''cause the world is here to stay
Your hope is deeper than pain

kalau nak cuba dengar,buka je page ni,
mesti ade,hehe