kenape wujud perkataan bosan?
apa erti disebalik bosan?
nak balik...duduk di kolej Baiduri yg serba indah(indah la sgt) nie membuatkn diriku terase duduk di gua.
yes! lagi 3 paper!
cepatla abes.
dah bosan asyik mengadap buku je pagi,petang,mlm dan tengah malam.
boleh jadi gile macam ni.

dahla hari sabtu,
nak meng 'enjoy-kan' diri
tp sume mem BZ - kan diri. :(
ape la nasib diri.

(sedih gle ayat,hahaha.)

fira! study2!

His birthday =)

the first thing i want to say is....i'm lucky to have him.

the date he share with her father.
he's going to turn 19 on that special day.(yeay! dah tue) haha :p

Ikmal Arif b. Azami.
1st time i met him,i didn't know he was my senior,and on that day jugak,
i never think he would be my special ones.
we have so much in common.
yep,in many things..i don't know how to describe it (better keep it to myself)
ok,cant tell u guys further la..hehe :p

sweet 19 ke? hahaha :p
je t'aime! (love u damn much!)

p/s : skrg nie die tgh sibuk shopping ngn ibu die, ntah ape la die mintak tuh. LV bag kot? (jgn mare ek by) :p

4 a.m

4 a.m?xreti nak tdo ker?(kate2 yg slalu diungkapkn oleh ibu ku,hehe) miss my home.jeles org tu dpt balek..lame plak tuh.xleh jadik! :p
yesterday,i just came back from pulau,stay with my sis lyana for two's not enuff u know :(
it's too soon to go back here and stay at this ' jail hostel'.

jap2,nape la tibe2 rajin nak blog eh? pelik2,haha.biorla..unpredictable la diri ini.

on friday,after public speaking class. i call my sis to pick up early sket coz my by mintak tlg anta kt airport since ptg tu die ade taklimat dkt kampus.and then,had dinner at MCD with by and sis.
after that,we went to sis's apartment.

1st time entered apartmen COSTAVILLA sis lyana,besh gle! ade swimming pool! tu 1st bende yg dcari,
perngai mcm bdak2,padehal dh 20 thn,hahaha :D

1st trip - went to HARDROCK HOTEL AT BATU FERINGGI.classic-look building from the outside.
sempat snap pics with FERRARI & LAMBORGHINI cars!the pics`s not with me now,dkt sis.forgot to bluetut.
2nd trip -went to TAMAN NEGARA, KEBUN BUNGA.i love nature beauty.
3rd trip - went to QUEENSBAY MALL.i prefer sunway pyramid gak,hehe.
4rd trip - NIGHT MARKET.

1st trip - tried to find PULAU JEREJAK.and then we finally arrived at the jetty only,xnaek boat coz mahal!
2nd trip-GURNEY one orange blouse!
3rd - had dinner at famous soup restaurant somewhere in Georgetown kot.

now,im going to sleep! sure im going to wake up late this morning -_-'

study mode.

my 1st post for this month ! :D
since almost one month i didnt even open and diligently myself to read and update my blog.huhu(terokkan? *actually,im not really into blog,but i love reading other ppl blogs*) :p
waa..having finals for 2nd sem*sigh*i dont know how my result will look like this sem.
my carry marks? there's some subjects are okay and some doesnt.(ok tu okay,tp xpuas hati lar)
one more dean list? argh,hate thinking of it.i really2 want it,but i dont have the enthusiasm like i have in 1st sem.
xpela,do my VERY2 BEST !!
kalo xdptpn xpe,asalkn,xdela regret after i get the result rite?

- Allah will help a person who have an effort to achieve goals -