GIANT cream puff =p

i made some..for my family.

they insisted me to apply what i've learned during in penang.

ok,mom! i'll do it!

40 minutes.....30 minutes.....20 minutes...10 minutes....5 minutes...3,2,1 *tiiiiitt*
voila! giant cream puff is ready to be eat! =p

besa itu comei,hehe

how it becomes so big? ok, i will tell u guys.

after i've just finished working with the dough (we called it choux paste) and the filling (pastry cream).

i asked my mom.bu,"where do u put that pastry bag? "she told me,"i had throw it away".*aiya*

"i thought bu keep it in the box,i saw it before".

"mmgla,but dh kotor sgt,buang jela".

mm..never mind.there will be other alternatives.

so...i decided to use the plastic bag as a replacement.

at the beginning,it's flow smoothly.. and then the plastic pastry bag started to tear apart.

aiishhh...and then,my mom suggested me to use the semperit maker instead of using that stupid plastic pastry bag.*heh* (time tgh bengang)

it`s works!!

but the size of the cream puff is bigger than i ever expected.

never mind, asalkn bole makan..besar pau pn ade.


for the filling,we replaced the custard powder with durian paste.(panda mesti xmkn,ade durian.huhu)

want to try the recipe? i`ll update it later ok.promise.

5 more days! aiyak!


until 2nd august??

that`s too long..

my mind is wondering for a while..arghh

lol.i didn`t mind if they wanted to give us 5 more days to break but dont drag the sem break to the front,i need those holidays!!

but not now! sabar2..

at jj,in the evening after they announced there would be holidays!

-fara rara,nana n me-


+lamenye dh xupdate bende neh.

+yeah,i`m back to penang!continue my unpredictable journey for this 2nd sem!

+but at this moment i`m not in penang,i juz got back home yesterday by train,such a long journey n exhausted! (i prefer bus).

+fyi,i dont know why i have to go back home.maybe it`s too early for the couple of weeks in campus..yela,baru je nak find my mood n semangat nak stadi.

+nape cuti??? ape lg if is not because of H1N1.which is the number of ppl keep increasing from day to day starting on monday.

+sampai my room is become the quarantine place for those ppl that suspected from swine flu.

+i heard there are 10 ppl positively H1N1,but im not really sure whether the news is true or they just wanted to make the story looks interesting.