+lamenye dh xupdate bende neh.

+yeah,i`m back to penang!continue my unpredictable journey for this 2nd sem!

+but at this moment i`m not in penang,i juz got back home yesterday by train,such a long journey n exhausted! (i prefer bus).

+fyi,i dont know why i have to go back home.maybe it`s too early for the couple of weeks in campus..yela,baru je nak find my mood n semangat nak stadi.

+nape cuti??? ape lg if is not because of H1N1.which is the number of ppl keep increasing from day to day starting on monday.

+sampai my room is become the quarantine place for those ppl that suspected from swine flu.

+i heard there are 10 ppl positively H1N1,but im not really sure whether the news is true or they just wanted to make the story looks interesting.


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