unstable emotions

2 minggu dah kat penang.
ASSignment pn bertimbun2.
dgn kitchen class,serving class, night class.urgh!
kadang2 bz sampai tak sempat nak mingle dgn membe,sorry guys.
untuk sem nie,duduk luar..x bole nak manage time.
tomorrow will determine whether i`ll stay at the rent house for the whole sem


dapat kolej!menggemokkn badan lagi.yeay! *gile*
mmm,one thing.
i'm lonely.
perhaps i need to get a pet or something that i can share with.
i know, i have my dearly friends.
but not all things i can share with them easily.
okey,need to refresh my brain, got account quiz this week.
wish me luck for the quiz n hostel result.