R.I.P my dear bugsy

I lost a special friend today the kind you can't replace,
and looking at his empty cage....
I still can see his face.

I remember how he'd running ups n down the cage,
to greet me back from work with dat loud squeaking he made,
And how he jump around the cage just to catch my attention,
When he heard me call his name.... "bugsy, im home!"

With your ample round bellies, and your tiny short legs
you can still run at great speeds,
embarking on little adventures,

with your dark eyes looking like beads..
believing food is approaching,
you answer by wheek, wheek, wheeking.
tummies never satisfied or full,

just hearing the fridge door open
My ears at times need cotton wool huhuuu...

i remember the first time i lay my eyes on u,
u with ur cute lil outfit wrapping up ur cute furry body
didnt have enuff money to bring u home and i thought of coming back for u at d end o the mnth.

i did come back, seeing u all alone in that big cage with no frens to play with,
i take u home, hoping that we could be best friend..
and we did =)

Guess we was not meant to be long together,

Waking up in the morning seeing you lying there stiff!
i couldnt bear the tears coming down my eyes,
you leave me without any sign,
im glad we had our FUN last nite...
made me company while doing my work,

u squeaking hard like never before,
thought u might want to sleep on my lap.

taking u into my arms, u seems comfy and stop saying anything.
i can feel his warmth, cuddling thru my shirt..
wheeking~ wheeking~ wheek~ wheeking~~

oh im gonna miss those sounds early in the morning, i stay strong knowing u are safely care up in the Heaven..
may the angels look over my Lil' Angel there and that,
i LOVE him very much..

i am soo much cherish our whole month together.

never had known dat i could lost another love like this..

its raining outside.. the sky is crying too~~

Rest In Peace my Lil' Angel.. love u much!

written by Mslyana.

my younger brother,ayip.
saved this from her Facebook to let me know.
how much is Bugsy really meant to her.

i'am touched by her words.
speechless,really speechless.
and yes,i couldn't stop my tears runnning down through my face.

eventhough i dont get a chance to hold him,play with him...seeing his cute little face in front of my own eyes..
and now,i'am staring at his cage..empty cage...
i still couldn't stop crying..
i really don't know why...

if i could turn back time,
i really want to hold u..hear u make that cute lil sound that i only got to heard from videos made by my sister.
pls..don't go..bugsy


no class??*sigh*

i woke up late this morning,7.30 a.m!!!
and you know what?
i'm having a class at perda (outside class from campus) at 8 a.m with chef dayat!
the first thing in my mind,i'm not going to make it since the last bus is at 7.45 a.m.
i imagine how he's going to slammed that door everytime the clock is near at 8 a.m.
i totally freak out. so, i grab my towel, toiletries and anything i can bring with me to the toilet.

suddenly, Reena got a sms fom Alia.

"weh,kelas cancel ar..food science dan marketing"


little BUGSY! =D

Monday, i have first class with chef dayat at perda at 8 a.m. he's okay but i'm not. cause i'm not feeling very well today....i dont feel energetic enough to concentrate on what is he's going to teach us. perhaps, lack of sleep and my instinct that im going to get fever are the reasons i dont have the enthusiasm to learn. however, i try to fight back my feeling without thinking of my condition. i just take the supplement and i hope tomorrow everything is going to be okay. =)

I remembered, my former teacher had told me once that our bodies are controlled by our brains. if we said we will going to be sick, automatically our bodies will adapt to be sick soon. mostly fever. dont believe me? try la..but, at your own risk =p

Oh. bugsy..forgot already. hehehe.

This morning, i got mms from my sister, (fikir gak,apela yang die anta mlm2 bute neh) n then i saw this fluffy creatures(blur lg,baru bangun tido katekan) awwww...COMEI gile menatang neh! cute sgt! actually she gave that mms last night, but i couldn't download it.
while waiting for the ctu class at 2 p.m . i forced my sister to call me.(gune postpaid plak,hehe) wanted to know more about that cute creatures.bugsy! =p

fira : ayong,bile beli menatang comei neh??cute gler..rase nak picit2 je,naseb baek jauh,huhu

ana : ala...baru je beli semlm,membe belikan dkat sunway semlm.

fira : how much?

ana : 60 engget jek.

fira : mahalnye! geramla yong kt menatang yg bername bugsy tuh,hehe

ana : ala, balek nanti ko pegangla die sampai lebam.

fira : hahaha,ok2 =p

In our own words, 'lebam' means puas.hehehe.

I don't really know what kind of breed this guinea pig belongs to. my sister had told me before, but i didn't know how to spell it.

if u have seen Dr.doolittle and Bedtime stories movies, they look alike. i think.

Cute right?? from the moment i dont have mood to learn ctu..looking back at his pictures in my handphone,it makes me smile for a while and change my mood a bit. =)

Thankz BUGSY!n him also. =p