study mode.

my 1st post for this month ! :D
since almost one month i didnt even open and diligently myself to read and update my blog.huhu(terokkan? *actually,im not really into blog,but i love reading other ppl blogs*) :p
waa..having finals for 2nd sem*sigh*i dont know how my result will look like this sem.
my carry marks? there's some subjects are okay and some doesnt.(ok tu okay,tp xpuas hati lar)
one more dean list? argh,hate thinking of it.i really2 want it,but i dont have the enthusiasm like i have in 1st sem.
xpela,do my VERY2 BEST !!
kalo xdptpn xpe,asalkn,xdela regret after i get the result rite?

- Allah will help a person who have an effort to achieve goals -



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