4 a.m

4 a.m?xreti nak tdo ker?(kate2 yg slalu diungkapkn oleh ibu ku,hehe) miss my home.jeles org tu dpt balek..lame plak tuh.xleh jadik! :p
yesterday,i just came back from pulau,stay with my sis lyana for two days.it's not enuff u know :(
it's too soon to go back here and stay at this ' jail hostel'.

jap2,nape la tibe2 rajin nak blog eh? pelik2,haha.biorla..unpredictable la diri ini.

on friday,after public speaking class. i call my sis to pick up early sket coz my by mintak tlg anta kt airport since ptg tu die ade taklimat dkt kampus.and then,had dinner at MCD with by and sis.
after that,we went to sis's apartment.

1st time entered apartmen COSTAVILLA sis lyana,besh gle! ade swimming pool! tu 1st bende yg dcari,
perngai mcm bdak2,padehal dh 20 thn,hahaha :D

1st trip - went to HARDROCK HOTEL AT BATU FERINGGI.classic-look building from the outside.
sempat snap pics with FERRARI & LAMBORGHINI cars!the pics`s not with me now,dkt sis.forgot to bluetut.
2nd trip -went to TAMAN NEGARA, KEBUN BUNGA.i love nature beauty.
3rd trip - went to QUEENSBAY MALL.i prefer sunway pyramid gak,hehe.
4rd trip - NIGHT MARKET.

1st trip - tried to find PULAU JEREJAK.and then we finally arrived at the jetty only,xnaek boat coz mahal!
2nd trip-GURNEY PLAZA.buy one orange blouse!
3rd - had dinner at famous soup restaurant somewhere in Georgetown kot.

now,im going to sleep! sure im going to wake up late this morning -_-'


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