7 /6 ?

  • yep,that`s da day i was born 20 years ago..at Pusat Rawatan Islam,Jalan ipoh.
  • Nur Zafira Bt Abdullah...written on my birth certificate,and da name which had been given from my parents to me.
  • they said,my name has its own meaning...but till now,i dont know what it is.hehe
  • i share da same month wit my mom(17/6) juz 10 days frm my besday n also..RAIN(25/6).(tawx sape rain,ala...iklan SHAMPOO CLEAR,next post la ek,i`ll tell u guys about him)
  • pe lg ek..
  • actually,if u pronounce the 7 6 in malay rapidly,it`s sounds like "terjunam" hehe =p
  • today,thank god..my siblings are dont seem to have their master plan for my besday to "buli' me.(takot gak coz xpsl2 kene tepung n telur lg thn lps ngan dorg,haha..fuh,selamat2)

i took this from my kazen`s blog at her mespes,it has some characters that i have in me ,but not all actually..

+ Amat pandai menjaga hati pasangan sekiranya dia perempuan (mayb yes)

+ Sukar melukai & memahami hati pasangan (maybe yes)

+ Mudah jatuh cinta tapi terlalu memilih (mayb yes)

+ Cerewet dalam perhubungan (mayb yes or no)

+ Selalu beremosi(mayb yes)

+ Mudah merajuk & mudah dipujuk (mayb yes)

+ Selalu melindungi pasangan dari kritikan / umpatan orang (mayb yes)

+ Elok untuk menjadi ibu yang baik (mayb yes)

+ Dahagakan pujian daripada pasangan (mayb yes)

hehe,suke gak bace bende neh.


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